Our Mission

The aims of the society are to propogate the advancement of knowledge, skills and research related to the field of obstetrics and gynaecology and to provide a platform for enthusiastic undergraduate medical students and junior doctors to explore and further their interests in this challenging and dynamic field.




We will host a BUSOG  events days such as the BUSOG national conference day, where students can present research, projects and posters and have the opportunity to be chosen to present at the RCOG annual conference day.

We plan to be a source of information on funding and opportunities for electives and involvement in O&G projects ongoing in the UK.

Our website will be an online destination for those interested in obstetrics and gynaecology.  It will enable students to access educational resources, including podcasts and revision notes. It will encourage shared learning, with monthly prizes for the best submitted and peer-reviwed revision articles on common O&G topics.

Our website will also host a forum where students can participate in discussion, share experiences of  and tips for O&G placements and we will offer the opportunity to curate a BUSOG blog.


We plan to work with and for students and junior doctors who are discovering what obstetrics and gynaecology has to offer.