Welcome to our OSCE section. Here you will find OSCE scenarios relating to all fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The stations include:

– Practical skills

– Examinations

– Communication Skills

– Ethical issues


Medical students, and Junior doctors are welcome to submit OSCE stations/guideline on any topic  not already published. Please e-mail:



OSCE Stations

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Ectopic pregnancy scenario

Abnormal bleeding scenario

Fibroids scenario

OCP counselling

Pre-eclampsia scenario

Acute labour ward scenario

Post-natal check up scenario



Speculum and Bimanual

Speculum Station Marking Scheme

Pregnancy GP Appointment Station

Post-Partum depression

Pregnant Abdomen Examination Mark Scheme

Pelvic Pain History

Reduced Fetal Movements History

First Trimester Screening

Glucose Tolerance Results discussion

Third Trimester High BP History and Examination

Abdominal Pain History

Breech Presentation

Gynaecological History

Gynaecological History Mark Scheme

Irregular Periods History


Abortion Counselling OSCE

Amenorrhoea OSCE

Antenatal examination OSCE

Breast examination OSCE

Cervical smear test OSCE

Ectopic pregnancy OSCE

Emergency Contraception OSCE

Miscarriage OSCE

Missed pill – contraception OSCE

Post – coital bleeding OSCE

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